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GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Almodis 
Marche, Almodis de la (I9911)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Angharad 
Maredudd, Angharad ferch (I4977)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Bernard II of 
Saxony, Duke Bernard II (I5213)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Gormflaith 
Murchada, Gormlaith ingen (I4991)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Maredudd ap 
Owain, Maredudd ab (I4978)

SURNAME: Also shown as Haye

DEATH: Also shown as Died 1131 
Hay, Robert de la (I5132)
7 In Preston Guild Rolls for 1582, 1602, 1622, of Clayton. Worden, James (I474)
8 "Albus." probable son. Lusignan, Hugh III de (I10021)
9 "Brunus." Lusignan, Hugh IV de (I10022)
10 "Curtose" (short boots). Duke of Normandy. Ousted as duke by his brother King Henry after the battle of Tinchebrai in 1106 and kept in prison until his death. Duke Robert (I2531)
11 "der Fromme," "The Fair." Emperor 814-840. Emperor Louis I (I3133)
12 "Deutschland Geburten und Taufen, 1558-1898," database, FamilySearch ( : 28 November 2014), Mathias Auf Der Fohren in entry for Anna Gerdrut Auf Der Fohren, 28 Jun 1793; citing ; FHL microfilm 490,381. Fohren, Anna Gerdrut Auf Der (I10993)
13 "Deutschland Geburten und Taufen, 1558-1898," database, FamilySearch ( : 28 November 2014), Mathias Auf Der Fohren in entry for Johann Heinerich Auf Der Fohren, 02 Nov 1786; citing ; FHL microfilm 490,381. Fohren, Johann Heinrich Auf der (I10074)
14 "Deutschland Heiraten, 1558-1929," database, FamilySearch ( : 26 December 2014), Johann Heinrich Weegmann and Anna Christina Wirthsnofen, 12 Apr 1814; citing Mintard, Rheinland, Prussia; FHL microfilm 995,764. Family F5473
15 "Deutschland Heiraten, 1558-1929," database, FamilySearch ( : 26 December 2014), Mathias Auf Der Fohren and Anna Maria Noever, 19 Oct 1777; citing Evangelisch, Muelheim An Der Ruhr, Rheinland, Prussia; FHL microfilm 490,065. Family F4417
16 "Hotspur." Led a rebellion against King Henry IV beginning in 1402. Killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403. Percy, Henry (I7002)
17 "Lady of La Haie." With her son, starved to death by King John. St. Valery, Maud de (I3534)
18 "Le Cadet." Lord of Annendale. Bruce, Lord Robert de (I3910)
19 "Longhals." Duke of Lorraine and Count of Hainault, Lay Abbot of Echternach, Luxemburg. Count Reginar I (I3102)
20 "The Aetheling." Died at age of 17 in the White Ship disaster. William (I2529)
21 "The Alchemist" Assheton, Sir Thomas (I8200)
22 "The Bad." Bavaria, Arnulf of (I9877)
23 "The Black Prince." Prince Edward (I3777)
24 "The Black." Of Maine. Count of Anjou. Anjou, Count Fulk III of (I4402)
25 "The Blind." Luxembourg, Henry IV of (I9370)
26 "The boy of Egremont." William (I1914)
27 "The Brave." Austria, Margrave Earnest of (I8281)
28 "The Confessor." King of England, 1042-1066. Canonized by Pope Alexander III. King Edward the Confessor (I2544)
29 "The Elder." King of England 899-924. Oxford Companion to British History: Suppressed a revolt by his cousin, Aethelwold, which was supported by the Danes in East Anglia. In 910 won a decisive victory over the Danes at Tettenhall in Staffordshire. After this, Edward gained control of all England south of the Humber. In the north, things were cloudier, a Viking kingdom was based in York, vaguely recognizing overlordship of Edward. King Edward (I2554)
30 "The Empress Maud."

Empress of Almainm sometimes known as "Lady of the English." 
England, Empress Maud of (I1921)
31 "The Fowler." Duke of Saxony, King of the Saxons 912-936. King Henry I (I3049)
32 "The Frisian." Flanders, Count Robert I of (I5461)
33 "The Good." Artois, Count Robert I of (I5497)
34 "The Great." Oxford Companion to British History, p. 19-20: King of Wessex 871-99. Savior of England from the Vikings, architect of a united England. Provided a law code, translated a number of Latin works. King Alfred King of Wessex (I1962)
35 "The Illustrious." Duke of Saxony. Sachsen, Duke Otto von (I4079)
36 "The Mad." King Charles VI (I5522)
37 "The Martyr." King of England 975-978. Stabbed to death by retainers of his brother, Aethelred. King Edward (I2558)
38 "The Prior." Plumpton, Henry (I2099)
39 "The Rich." Count of Passau. Count Ulrich (I4365)
40 "The Scot." King of Scots (really Dalriata) from about 839 to about 841. According to the Chronicle of Dalriata (an ancient chronicle) was killed in Galloway on an expedition, but this account is not confirmed in other chronicles. King Alpin King of Dalraita (I1898)
41 "The Simple," King of Scots 1057-1057/8. King Lulach (I1894)
42 "The Stammerer." King of the Franks 877-879. King Louis II King of the Franks (I4078)
43 "The Unready" (the "ill-advised"). King of England 978-1016. Attempted to buy off the invading Vikings but lost his kingship 1013-14 when the Danish king, Sweyn Forkbeard forced him into exile in Normandy. Recalled on Sweyn's death, but died a couple of years later as Cnut threatened invasion. King Aethelred II (I2543)
44 "The White." Count of Vexin, Valois, and Amiens; advocate of St. Germain des Pres and Jumieges. Vexin, Count Gautier (Walter) II von (I3110)
45 "The young king." Henry (I3366)
46 "Town of Spafford" Onodaga Historical Assoc. Dehler Press, 1917, UofC: F129.S75C7.
Indicates Spafford has a Ripley Hill. Next to Skaneateles Lake. First settler: Gilbert Palmer in 1794. Was County of Tryon, then Montgomery, then Herkimer, then Onondaga (1794). Spafford created 1811. Jonathan Ripley settled in Spafford after 1806 (p. 22). p. 55: Jonathan Ripley and John L. Ripley both subscribed to Spafford Union Meeting House Society for church building, each $5, April 30, 1838.

1800 Census, Rensselaer, Hoosick, p. 761:
Ripley, Jonathan 40010 1001000
4M< 10 (Joshua, James, John, +?), 1M 26-45 (Jonathan), 1F<10 (Rebecca), 1F 26-45 (Ruth)

1810: No Jonathan Ripley found that fits quite right.

1820 Spafford, Onondaga, NY Census, p. 221 Jonathan Ripley, 110101 2110203, 1M<10 (Silas), 1M10-15 (David?), 1M16-25 (Whitman), 1M>45 (Jonathan), 2F<10 (Maria + ?), 1F10-15 (Elsie), 1F16-25 (Meribah), 2F>45 (Ruth + ?), 3(? could be 2) engaging in agriculture.

1830 Spafford, Onondaga, NY Census, p. 345:
Jonathan Ripley 2M15-20 (Silas + ?),1M60-70 (Jonathan),1F15-20 (Maria),1F50-60 (Ruth),1F80-90 (?)
The following are probably Jonathan's sons:
John L. Ripley 2M<5,1M30-40,1F<5,1F20-30
James Ripley 2M<5,1M5-10,1M30-40,2F<5,1F5-10,1F20-30.

1840 Spafford, Onondaga, NY Census, p. 413, line 12: Jonathan Ripley, 1M10-15 (?), 1M20-30 (could be Silas), 1M40-50 (?), 1M60-70 (Jonathan), 1F60-70 (Ruth), 1F90-100 (?), total 6, 3 agriculture.

Probably Jonathan's son:
p. 413, line 11: John L. Ripley 2M<10, 2M5-10, 2M10-15, 1M40-50, 1F10-15, 1F30-40, Total 9, 1 agriculture.

There is an older woman in the family in the 1830 (age 80-90) and 1840 (90-100) censuses. Perhaps a mother of Jonathan or Ruth. Priscella, Jonathan's mother would have been 85 in 1830 and 95 in 1840. We do not know when her husband, David Ripley died.

Spafford Mortuary Records with Genealogical Notes, G. Collins, Newberry E698408.2: Says came to Spafford from Hoosick about 1812, shows death 4/15/1849, 78 years, 6 months, 21 years [sic]. This gives data for grandfather, father, wife, and daughter.
Ripley, Jonathan (I7)
47 "Venator." fl early 10th C. Lusignan, Hugh I de (I10019)
48 .s.p. Mountchesney, Denise de (I5437)
49 10th Baron Beaumont. Beaumont, Miles (I6916)
50 10th Earl of Arundel. FitzAlan, Earl Richard (I4243)

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