My Grandchildren's Ancestors
Schuerman, Wood, Worden, Tempest, France, Smith, Kavaloski, Philepsek, Phillips, Burgie, and associated families. Site maintained by John R. Schuerman
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This site concerns the ancestors of my grandchildren.

The pictures at the left are randomly selected from the pictures on this site

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There are four ancestral trees here:

1. Schuerman-Wood-Worden holds the ancestors of my father, Lawrence Schuerman. For more information click here

2. France-Smith concerns the ancestors of my mother, Mildred France. For more information click here

3. Kavaloski-Phillips concerns the ancestors of my wife, Charlotte Kavaloski. For more information click here

4. Phillips-Burgie concerns the ancestors of my daughter-in-law, Meredith Phillips. For more information click here

To reach the "foot" of any of these trees, click in the Site Menu to the left. The Site Menu also has buttons for Photos (mostly of people), Headstones (photos of them), Documents (concerning people on the site), and Histories (these are articles and other pieces I have written about our ancestors). Sources will provide a list of sources for the information in the trees. Reports is empty. The pull down menu for Media above provides another way to access these resources. You can search for any particular person using the search boxes at the top right of the page. To see a timeline of events during an individual's life click "Timeline" on the individual's page.

It is not necessary for you to register to use this site, but if you do, and you provide me with your email or other address I will endeavor to notify you of updates. To register, click the Login button above.

There are not supposed to be any living persons in the trees.

I am a retired faculty member from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration, where I taught statistics and research methods to doctoral students. My research, in recent years carried out at the Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago, was focused on evaluation of social programs, particularly programs for children.

John Schuerman

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