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Spafford, Onondaga, New York


Tree: Schuerman-Wood-Worden
City/Town : Latitude: 42.804512, Longitude: -76.26492960000002


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ripley, Amon J.  19 Nov 1834Spafford, Onondaga, New York I366
2 Ripley, Calista L.  27 Apr 1841Spafford, Onondaga, New York I369
3 Ripley, Candace S.  20 Feb 1826Spafford, Onondaga, New York I363
4 Ripley, Clarissa A.  5 Jan 1846Spafford, Onondaga, New York I371
5 Ripley, Daniel W.  4 Jan 1849Spafford, Onondaga, New York I372
6 Ripley, David L.  16 Jan 1829Spafford, Onondaga, New York I364
7 Ripley, Frances  Spafford, Onondaga, New York I342
8 Ripley, George  Spafford, Onondaga, New York I344
9 Ripley, George V.  5 Sep 1843Spafford, Onondaga, New York I370
10 Ripley, Helen  Spafford, Onondaga, New York I343
11 Ripley, James  Spafford, Onondaga, New York I345
12 Ripley, James W.  25 Feb 1839Spafford, Onondaga, New York I368
13 Ripley, Jonathan D.  7 Feb 1837Spafford, Onondaga, New York I367
14 Ripley, Moses D.  7 May 1830Spafford, Onondaga, New York I365
15 Ripley, Nellie Verne  Sep 1872Spafford, Onondaga, New York I362
16 Ripley, Sarah A.  Spafford, Onondaga, New York I341
17 Ripley, Valencia  9 Jul 1832Spafford, Onondaga, New York I1382


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Corey, Ruth  25 Feb 1862Spafford, Onondaga, New York I6
2 Hall, Nancy Elizabeth  13 Nov 1866Spafford, Onondaga, New York I384
3 Loss, Clarissa E.  29 Nov 1891Spafford, Onondaga, New York I329
4 Richardson, Mary E.  4 Oct 1870Spafford, Onondaga, New York I376
5 Ripley, Charles P.  11 Jun 1878Spafford, Onondaga, New York I401
6 Ripley, David  8 Feb 1865Spafford, Onondaga, New York I325
7 Ripley, James W.  14 May 1843Spafford, Onondaga, New York I368
8 Ripley, John L.  27 Sep 1887Spafford, Onondaga, New York I322
9 Ripley, Jonathan  15 Apr 1849Spafford, Onondaga, New York I7
10 Ripley, Nellie I.  17 Jan 1877Spafford, Onondaga, New York I400
11 Ripley, Nellie Verne  3 Feb 1873Spafford, Onondaga, New York I362


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Norton / Ripley  24 Jan 1828Spafford, Onondaga, New York F217
2 Palmer / Ripley  6 Jan 1825Spafford, Onondaga, New York F215
3 Ripley / Barber  Mar 1822Spafford, Onondaga, New York F214
4 Ripley / Loss  6 Apr 1825Spafford, Onondaga, New York F213
5 Ripley / Randall  Oct 1820Spafford, Onondaga, New York F212