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51 15th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl John de (I7186)
52 16th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl John de (I10978)
53 1790 Shaftsbury, Bennington, VT census: Wording, Rufus 2M>16 (Rufus + ?), 1M<16 (Robert?), 2F (Tabitha, Mercy?)

1800 Shaftsbury, Bennington, VT census, p. 40: Rufus Wordan 4m<10 (Ripha, Walter, Pardon?), 1M10-16 (Robert?), 1M26-45 (Rufus), 2F<10 (Lydia, Eliza?), 1F10-16 (Mercy?), 1F26-45 (Tabitha).

1810 Brutus, Cayuga, NY census, p. 19: Rufus Worden 32110-3211, 3M<10 (Pardon?), 2M10-16 (Ripha, Walter), 1M16-26 (Robert), 1M26-45 (Rufus, should be over 45), 3F<10 (Orinda), 2F10-16 (Lydia, Eliza), 1F16-26 (Mercy), 1F26-45 (Tabitha).

Censuses include persons not in family listing.

Pat Worden:
Referencing Rex Worden: b. 1759-60, d. Brutus, Cayuga, NY
Referencing Rufus Ripha Worden: b. in VT or RI
Referencing MA Archives: m 16 Mar 1788 Adams Berkshire, MA
Referencing Bahn Studies: d. 27 Jan 1812
Remark 1: 1780 Cheshire, MA

Rex Warden has supplied copies of some material:

Records of Town of Adams [MA]: A marriage is intended Between Rufus Worden and Tabitha Cook both of Adams, February 20, 1788
Berkshire [?] March 16, 1788
Then was Rufus Werden and Tabitha Cook both of Adams in the County of Berkshire joined together in Marriage as the law directs. By Peter Worden, Elder. Recorded April 19, 1788

Various documents concerning settlement of his estate, including an inventory showing that after accounting for his assets, he owed $249. He died intestate.

Gilbert Bahn, Wordens Past, Vol XIX, No 3, Nov 1998, p. 1496: Marriage at Adams, MA, 16 Mar 1788. Widow, Tabytha Worden, is at Brutus in the 1820 census. Died intestate. Estate was divided into ten shares in settlement. One share was allocated to his creditors and one, of course, to Tabytha. The remaining eight demonstrate that there were then eight living children. These were Lydia, Robert, Ripha, Eliza, Walter, Pardon, Mercy, and Orinda. . . . Tabatha and Robert are not to be found in censuses after 1820.

From website:
Estate Inventory of Rufus Worden
20 May 1812

One note of hand for grain against Japitha Lewis $30.00 One note against Elisha Kambal $10.38 One cow $15.00 One yoke of small stags $35.00 One yoke of yearling steers $18.00 One cow $16.00 One two year old heifer $12.00 One ox yoke $1.00 Fifteen sheep at 1.50 each $22.50 One yearling colt $20.00 Four small stone swine at 2.25 each $9.00 One sow $3.00 Four fat hogs $7.50 Ten geese at 31 cents each $3.25 Two tun of hay $10.00 One stack of oats $2.50 One stack of rye $28.12-1/2 One crib of damaged corn $6.00 Two ox chains $3.50 Old seythe $.50 Two old hoes $1.00 Eight harrow teeth $4.80 Old iron $1.25 Fourteen bushels of wheat $14.00 Thirty-five bushels of corn at 37-1/2 cents $13.12-1/2 One and one half flax seed $1.50 Twenty bushels potatoes at 25 cents $5.00 One bed and beding $19.00 One bed and beding $11.00 One bed and beding $10.00 One bed and beding $5.00 One old great coat $.50 One tight bodied coat $2.00 One old jacket $.50 One old jacket $.25 One do do $.25 One pair wollen trowsers $2.50 One do and velvet do $1.50 Two do and linen do $.25 Two linen shirts, old $.25 Two pair stockings $.37-1/2 One pair old mittens $.12-1/2 One old Bible $.25 Ten yards tow cloth at 37-1/2 cents a yard $3.75 Two old chests at fifty cents each $1.00 One reel $1.00 One tow wheel $2.00 Six old broken chair frames $1.00 Three old meal bags $.50 Two sad irons $.75 One old five pail kettle $.50 One small kettle $.50 One iron pot $1.00 One small do $1.00 One broken bake kettle $.50 One old tea kettle $.50 One grid iron $.50 one tin lantern $.37-1/2 One old pewter tea pot $.25 Two pounds old pewter $.25 One tea canester $.25 One two quart glass bottle $.19 One small tim pail $.12-1/2 One powdering tub $.75 One lod tin pan $.12 One iron crane $1.50 Thirty-two pounds and 1/2 tallow $4.03 Sixty pounds of flax $7.50 Two hundred-twenty eight white wood siding $1.25 Two new barrels $2.00 One linen wheel $2.00

SOURCE: Obtained at Worden Hall in East Dennis, Cape Cod, Mass. 
Worden, Rufus (I12)
54 17th Earl of Arundel. FitzAlan, Earl Thomas (I7451)
55 17th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl Edward de (I10980)
56 1850 Census, Spafford, Onondaga, NY, p. 428:
1040/1082 John Ripley 51 M Farmer $1400 NY
Clarissa 48 F NY
Candace 24 F NY
David 22 M Farmer NY
Moses 20 M Farmer NY
Flincia (?) 18 M NY
Ammon 16 M Farmer NY
Jonathan 14 M NY
Calista 9 F NY
George 6 M NY
Clarisa 5 F NY
Daniel 1 M NY 
Ripley, John L. (I322)
57 1850 Livonia, Wayne, MI Census, p. 358:
Rebeca Worden 55, F, real estate: $1400, born in NY
Albert J. Worden, 23, M, Farmer, NY
Aurilla Worden, 22, F, NY
Luther Worden, 19, M, student, NY
Laura Worden, 17, F, Michigan

Pat Worden FGS. 
Worden, Albert J. (I448)
58 1860 Livonia, Wayne, MI Census, p. 305:
R. R. Worden, 28, M, Farmer, Real estate: $3500, personal estate: $400, born in NY
Elimirea 28, F, Canada, WI
Albert 5, M, MI
Eva 3, F, MI
Ella 4/12, F, MI
Rebecca 66 [64?], F, NY

1870 census, Redford, Wayne, Michigan, p. 359 of roll 710, 415/302
Worden, Rufus R. 38 M W Farmer $8200 NY
Elmira J. 37 F W Keeping house MI
Albert 14 M w working on farm MI
Ella 9 F W MI
Charles 7 M W MI
Ida 5 F W MI
Eda 3 M W MI
Eva 3 F W MI

Pat Worden FGS. 
Worden, Rufus Rypha (I452)
59 1928 in city directory of Detroit with Rose, manager United Radio Service. 5773 Wayburne Ave.
1955 in city directory of Mobile, Alabama, with Rose, electrician at A.F.B. 806 Kirby.

In his late teens, Merle (Schuerman) Duston left home not telling his family where he was going. He wound up in Detroit where he became an expert in the new field of radio. He wrote several books popularizing radio and encouraging people to build their own sets. These included Radio Theory Simplified in two editions, the first in 1924, Duston's A.C. Radio Manual, 1928, and Radio Construction for the Amateur. The books occasionally come up for sale on online used book sites. Radio Theory Simplified is found in many local libraries. He also wrote a novel, The Wind in Our Hands, 1966. His work is featured on websites on ancient radios, including

In the late 1940s or early 1950s, his son Eldon Duston's wife, Elva, became curious about her husband's origins. Her father-in-law's background was a mystery. Eldon and Elva lived in Colorado Springs and when they traveled Elva would look up Dustons in the local phone directory. On a trip to Denver she called several Dustons in the phone directory. By chance, Merle's neice, Wilma Shaffer (Nell's daughter) had married a Duston and Elva called their number. At first, she got somebody at the number (perhaps Wilma's husband) who did not know what Elva was talking about. Apparently, Elva did not check that number off her list and called back, this time reaching Wilma. Wilma recalled hearing about the long lost brother from her family (perhaps she knew his name) and made the connection. In this way, Merle was reunited with his family. I remember as a young teenager witnessing (perhaps I only heard about it from my father) the joyful and tearful reunion of Merle with his mother and siblings in Denver. Since his mother, Lillian, died in August 1951 all of this must have happened before that. 
Duston, Merle (I2508)
60 19th President of the United States. Hayes, Rutherford Birchard (I5030)
61 1sr Earl of Salisbury. Montagu, William de (I7351)
62 1st Baron Arundel. FitzAlan, Sir John (I7265)
63 1st Baron Burghley. Advisor to Queen Elizabeth. Cecil, William (I7843)
64 1st Baron Clavering. FitzRoger, Robert (I7789)
65 1st Baron Meinell of Whorlton. Meinill, Nicholas de (I4580)
66 1st Baron Neville of Raby Neville, Baron John (I6781)
67 1st Baron Stanley. Stanley, Baron Thomas (I6952)
68 1st Baronet of Tong. Tempest, Sir John (I6476)
69 1st Earl of Buckingham. Giffard, Walter (I4415)
70 1st Earl of Essex. Devereux, Earl Walter (I10214)
71 1st Earl of Essex. Mandeville, Earl Geoffrey de (I6789)
72 1st Earl of Norfolk. Bigod, Earl Roger (I9179)
73 1st Earl of Pembroke. Valence, Earl William de (I7327)
74 1st Earl of Pembroke. Herbert, Sir William (I7090)
75 1st Earl of Pembroke. Clare, Earl Gilbert de (I3728)
76 1st Earl of Shrewsbury. Talbot, Earl John (I8113)
77 1st Earl of Westmorland. Neville, Earl Ralph (I6989)
78 1st Lord Mowbray. Mowbray, Lord Roger de (I3342)
79 23 Mar 1748 Willprobated, Ftbn-WI Burbank, Samuel (I766)
80 2nd Baron Butler. Boteler, Theobald le (I10800)
81 2nd Baronet of Tong. Tempest, Sir George (I6496)
82 2nd Duke of Exeter. Holand, Duke John (I7553)
83 2nd Earl (Duke?) of Norfolk. Mowbray, Earl John (I9686)
84 2nd Earl of Dunbar. Gospatric (I7835)
85 2nd Earl of Gloucester. Gloucester, Earl William FitzRobert (I3657)
86 2nd Earl of Hereford. d.s.p. Hereford, Earl Roger of (I4615)
87 2nd Earl of Hertford, 1153. Lord of Clare and Tonbridge. Clare, Earl Roger de (I3653)
88 2nd Earl of Leicester. Brought up at the court of Henry I. Justiciar and Viceroi under Henry II. As Justiciar, pronounced sentence on Thomas a Becket. Beaumont, Earl Robert II de (I3659)
89 2nd Earl of Pembroke. Valence, Earl Aymer de (I9950)
90 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury. Talbot, Earl John (I8108)
91 2nd Earl of Suffolk. Ufford, Earl William d' (I10994)
92 2nd Earl of Westmorland. Neville, Earl Ralph (I6783)
93 2nd Earl of Winchester, Constable of Scotland. Quincy, Earl Roger de (I4134)
94 2nd Earl of Worcester. Somerset, Sir Henry (I7128)
95 2nd Lord Clifford. Clifford, Roger (I7746)
96 2nd Lord Latimer of Snape. Neville, Lord Richard (I7057)
97 2nd Lord Mowbray. Made knight 22 May 1306. Served against the Scots. Appointed keeper of Yorkshire 1313. Joined the uprising of the Earl of Lancaster against the king and fought the king at the Battle of Boroughbridge where he was captured 3/16/1321-2 and hanged. CP: "His body is said to have been left hanging in iron chains on the gallows for 3 years or more . . ."

Calendarium Rotulorum Patentum
p. 80 Edward II, m. 16:
Quod Willus de Brewofa possit concedere diversa maner' in com' Sussex' Johni de Moubray et Aliciae uxor' ejus. [date?]
p. 81, Prima Patent' de Anno 10 Regis Edwardi secundi, m. 8:
Quamplur maner' terr' feoda milit' ac alia haereditamenta quae fuerunt Willmi de Brewola fen' in com' Sussex talliantur Johni de Moubray et Aliciae uxori ejus.
p. 94b m. 9 Secunda Patent de anno 17 Regis Edwardi Secundi Quod Alina quae fuit uxor Johnis de Mowbray possit concedere Hugoni le Dispenser Comiti Winton' in feoda castrum et manerium de Brembre maneria de Knapp Shorham Horsham et Beaubusson in com' Sussex'
p. 102 m. 19 Prima Patent' de Anno 2 Regis Edwardi Tertij Diver sa maneria terrae tenementa ac feoda milit' in Comitatibus Surr' et Sussex talliat' Alinae quae fuit uxor Johnis de Moubray 114

Held Ostermouth Castle from his wife. 
Mowbray, Lord John (I3330)
98 2nd Lord Neville of Raby. Neville, Sir Ralph de (I7051)
99 3rd Earl of Chester. Chester, Earl Hugh of (I2634)
100 3rd Earl of Devon. Courtenay, Earl Edward de (I9808)

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