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2601 Vicomte d'Aulnay. Aulnay, Pons II d' (I9998)
2602 Vicomte d'Auvergne. Vicomte Etienne (I5270)
2603 Vicomte de Bretagne and de Rennes. Eudon I (I7791)
2604 Vicomte de la Marche Arveno-Bourguignonne and Abbe Laique de Brioude. Brioude, Vicomte Dalmas I de (I5269)
2605 Vicomte de Thouars. Thouars, Geoffrey de (I10005)
2606 Vicomte of Beaumont and Saint-Suzanne. Beaumont, Vicomte Richard (I3882)
2607 Vicomte of Beaumont. Brienne, Vicomte Louis de (I7493)
2608 Vicomte of Dieppe. Longespee, William (I3376)
2609 Vicomte of Porhoet. Eudon (I4687)
2610 Vicomte of Porhoet. Geoffrey (I4686)
2611 Vicomte of the Bessin. Ranulph I (I4623)
2612 Viconte de Chateautro en Porhoet. Guethenoc (I7794)
2613 Victorian History of Lancashire, Vol 6, p. 220:
For the next few years the descent is unknown. Thurstan de Anderton was lord in 1424 ; his son Oliver and Ellen his wife were living in 1441. From later pleadings it appears that Ellen was daughter and co-heir of Matthew de Kenyon, that she procured the murder of her husband in 1466 and died soon afterwards, having tried to make a younger son Christopher her heir. William, the eldest son, probably died before his father, and his son Thurstan, the tenant of Anderton in 1473, lived till about 1516, being followed by his son Oliver, aged sixty-nine in 1538. Peter the son of Oliver died in 1559 holding the manor or capital messuage called Anderton Hall, with various messuages, lands, a water- mill and half another mill in Anderton and Healey, the Anderton estate being held of Sir Thomas Gerard in socage by the rent of a pound of cummin. William Anderton, the son and heir of Peter, was only a year old. 
Anderton, Oliver de (I135)
2614 Viscount of Macon. Raculf (I6768)
2615 Viscount of Maine. Beaumont, Raoul IV de (I9051)
2616 Viscount of Maine. Beaumont, Viscount Raoul III de (I9049)
2617 Viscount of Narbonne. Mayeul (I6884)
2618 Visitation of Yorkshire, p. 253: Lord Mayor of York, 1371,1372, 1380. Gisburn, John (I2107)
2619 Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850, James N. Arnold, Newberry E6975.1 Vol 5, Washington Co (1874):
North Kingston, p. 85 several children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Moone, most not identified by first name:
son Oct. 18, 1706
dau Aug 31, 1708
dau Sept 22, 1711
son June 25, 1713
son Feb 3, 1716
Elizabeth June 6, 1718
dau Dec 2, 1720
dau Dec 4, 1722
dau Nov 10, 17--
son Sept 21, 17--
dau -- -- --
dau -- -- --

Entry in on-line Rhode Island Vital Records (NEHGS): Moon, Ebenezer, 1692, on list July 25, 1708, Newport (First Sabbatarian Church of Newport). Also, Moon, Ebnezer, member, July 25 and Sept 7, 1708. 
Moon, Ebenezer II (I16)
2620 VR Andover, Births:

John s. John and Mary Mar 27, 1764. Bp. Sep 24, 1795.

John, s. John, bp. Sept 24, 1795, C.R. 2
Esther d. John bp. Sept 24, 1795, C.R. 2
Polly, d. John, bp. Sept 24, 1795, C.R. 2
Lucinda, d. John and Esther, Mar 3, 1796
Sarah, d. John, bp. Nov 10, 1802. C.R. 2
Moses, s. John, bp. July 10, 1803. C. R. 2
Hermon s. John bp. Dec. 1, 1807 C.R. 2

Wood, John, jr., and Esther Nickerson, Mar 13, 1786

Andover deaths:
John, at the almshouse, Feb 12, 1831 [is this his father? that is how it is represented here]
Esther, wid., Dec. 15, 1836 
Wood, John (I425)
2621 VR of Andover records birth as shown. Wood, Richard (I426)
2622 VR of Andover, Marriages: Benja[min] and Ruth Bayley of Haverhill at Haverhill Oct 17, 1779. Also in Haverhill VR. Family F129
2623 VR of Bradford, births: John s. Edward and Mary June 25, 1731. Deaths: John, youngest son Edward Oct 2, 1738.

FHL Ancestral File file shows John as son of Richard, brother of Edward, as does the Wood Family Index, which shows date of birth as Jan 28, 1729-30, which is date of birth for Richard's son John. Note recording of death of John, son of Edward in Bradford VR. However, if son of Richard, born before parent's marriage.

Wood-Wiggin genealogy FHL Microfiche 6125456 shows John as son of Edward and Mary (Spofford). Also says was soldier in Rev. War.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, 1908. Newberry oE263.M4M4 1896 (open shelf), Vol 17, p. 745:
Wood, John, Andover. Private, Capt. Joshua Holt's (4th Andover) co.; which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 to Cambridge; service 1 1/2 days; reported returned home; also Corporal, Capt. John Abbot's co., Maj. Gage's regt.; enlisted Sept. 30, 1777; discharged Nov. 6, 1777, service 1 mo. 8 days, with Northern Army.
Wood, John (I185)
2624 VR of Haverhill, marriages: Richerd Wood and Sarah Rolf [bef 1738]. Family F139
2625 VR of Haverhill:
Rolf, Ezra, s. Ezra and Abigail (Bond), Nov. 24, 1680.

VR of Newbury, MA, Newberry E69611.6: Children of Ezra Rolfe and Sarah:
Abigail d. Aug 24, 1691 (no death recorded, this may be an error, given the much later marriage of the parents)
Abigail d. Aug 24, 1706 (this is how recorded in the record, same bd as previous Abigail)
Sarah d. Dec 5, 1707
Mary d. Jan 26, 1708
Hannah d. Dec 3, 1710
Elizabeth d. Mar 3, 1713
Ezra s. Feb 11, 1714

VR of Bradford, MA, children of Ezra and Sarah Rolf:
Martha [Roff] d. Oct. 6, 1716 [bp. Oct. 1, C.R. 1]
Susanna [Roff] d. Oct. 7, 1718
Rebecah [Rofe] d. Oct. 25, 1720 [Oct. 23 dup]
Ester d. Dec. 9, 1722
Elliner d. Feb. 10, 1726-7

VR of Newbury, Marriages: Ezra Rolfe and Sarah Jackson of Bradford int Oct 27, 1705.

From Delorey: will, Essex Co. Probate Records 329:464, mentions daughter Sarah, wife of Richard Wood. 
Rolf, Ezra (I817)
2626 VR of Methuen, births: Wood, Ruth d. Benjamin and Ruth Oct 7, 1780. Wood, Ruth (I443)
2627 VR of Newbury, MA, Newberry E69611.6: Children of Ezra Rolfe and Sarah:
Sarah d. Dec 5, 1707

Death in Andover VR, Sarah, wife Richard July 3, 1761, p. 570. 
Rolf, Sarah (I188)
2628 War of 1812? Worden, Robert (I455)
2629 Was she the mother of his children? Hodgson, Alice (I5961)
2630 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41, p. 288: Rebecca Richmond of John and Elizabeth AND Mr. Worden mentioned will dated 1739/40, Westerly 3A: 216.

ONW says that she was living 8 years after husband's death, in 1766 one of her name was witness to a will. 
Richmond, Rebekah (I32)
2631 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Abigail Moon of Ebenezer and Elizabeth AND John Greene mentioned will dated 1772 Exeter 4:17, 40. Moon, Abigail (I171)
2632 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Ebenezer Moon of Ex and Elizabeth AND Content mentioned will dated 1753 Westerly 4A:390, 463. Doris Moon informs me that this will is that of Richard Deake and mentions his wife Content and his daughters Grace and Elizabeth, the latter the wife of Ebenezer Moon. Moon, Ebenezer (I168)
2633 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Mary Moon of Ebenezer and Elizabeth AND Harris Weaver Jr. mentioned probate record 1778 Exeter 4:40, 46.

Pat Worden:
Referencing Blackmer Genealogy: b 10 Nov 1723 N Kingston, Washington, RI; father and mother as shown; d 6 Dec 1805
Referencing DAR application #346160, Mrs. Margaret Randolph 1944: Born 1725 Kent, RI, married by Elder David Sprague in Coventry, Kent, RI; d Cheshire, Berkshire, MA
Moon, Mary "Mercy" (I15)
2634 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: p. 378: Elizabeth Worden of Peter and Rebekah AND Joseph Petty mentioned probate record Westerly 4A:57, 198. Worden, Elizabeth (I165)
2635 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Rebukah Moon of Ebenezer and Elizabeth AND Mr. Willcox mentioned will dated 1772 Eseter 4:40. Moon, Rebukah (I172)
2636 Weis: The Abbe Chaune makes her faher, Leutwinus, d. 713 (St. Lievin, Bishop of Treves, 685-704), but cites no evidence. Leutwinus's father was Count Warinus of uncertain parentage, d. 677 (bro. of St. Leger, d. 677, Bishop of Autun); Warinus m. Kunza, sister of Bazin, Bishop of Treves.

NEHGR v. 101, p. 112 carries this line back to the Romans. 
Rotroud (I3068)
2637 Welsh chieftan in Tegeingl. Edwin, Owain ab (I4934)
2638 West Winter says the parentage of Adelaide is "hotly disputed," see Wunder, Wilhelm der Eroberer & seine Verwandten in der Sicht de kontinentalen Dynastengenealogie (Genealogisches Jahrbuch, VI (1967), 24-5). Normandy, Adelaide of (I3031)
2639 Where page numbers are given in a reference, this is page number of transcription at 
Source (S187)
2640 Whitaker's Craven, p. 30: Hopkinson's MS v. 40, a survey dated 29 Ed. 1 shows Roger Tempest married to the heiress of Walter de Waddington.

Eleanor Blanche Tempest: holdings and relationship to Roger Tempest: De Banco R. 88, Mich 18-19 E I m. 163d, ibid ro. 127 Mich. 26 E I, m. 89d & ro. 126 Trin. 26 E I m. 93; death Pipe R. 32 E. I. 
Waddington, Alice de (I2078)
2641 Whitaker: Appears to have been unmarried. Sherburne, Joanna (I1857)
2642 Whitaker: Co-heiress. Vic. H. of Lanc., v. 7, p. 4: became sole heiress. Sherburne, Margaret (I1837)
2643 Widow of Josiah Bacon, d. 1/27/1731? (From Bradford VR.) Mary (I966)
2644 Widow of Richard III, Duke of Normandy. France, Adele de (I5051)
2645 Wife of Fernando shown in Wikipedia as Elizabeth. Swabia, Beatriz of (I4519)
2646 Will dated 1649, probatd 1654. Tempest, Catherine (I6635)
2647 Will dated 23 Jan. 1753, was proved in Essex County 31 Jan. 1763 (Essex Co. Probate Records 340:203). Wood, Edward (I254)
2648 Will in 1649. Tempest, William (I6072)
2649 Will in EIHC, V. 43, p. 73 Lewis, John (I1026)
2650 Will in Hazen Family in America. Hassand, Richard (I1269)

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