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2601 VR of Newbury, MA, Newberry E69611.6: Children of Ezra Rolfe and Sarah:
Sarah d. Dec 5, 1707

Death in Andover VR, Sarah, wife Richard July 3, 1761, p. 570. 
Rolf, Sarah (I188)
2602 War of 1812? Worden, Robert (I455)
2603 Was she the mother of his children? Hodgson, Alice (I5961)
2604 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41, p. 288: Rebecca Richmond of John and Elizabeth AND Mr. Worden mentioned will dated 1739/40, Westerly 3A: 216.

ONW says that she was living 8 years after husband's death, in 1766 one of her name was witness to a will. 
Richmond, Rebekah (I32)
2605 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Abigail Moon of Ebenezer and Elizabeth AND John Greene mentioned will dated 1772 Exeter 4:17, 40. Moon, Abigail (I171)
2606 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Ebenezer Moon of Ex and Elizabeth AND Content mentioned will dated 1753 Westerly 4A:390, 463. Doris Moon informs me that this will is that of Richard Deake and mentions his wife Content and his daughters Grace and Elizabeth, the latter the wife of Ebenezer Moon. Moon, Ebenezer (I168)
2607 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Mary Moon of Ebenezer and Elizabeth AND Harris Weaver Jr. mentioned probate record 1778 Exeter 4:40, 46.

Pat Worden:
Referencing Blackmer Genealogy: b 10 Nov 1723 N Kingston, Washington, RI; father and mother as shown; d 6 Dec 1805
Referencing DAR application #346160, Mrs. Margaret Randolph 1944: Born 1725 Kent, RI, married by Elder David Sprague in Coventry, Kent, RI; d Cheshire, Berkshire, MA
Moon, Mary "Mercy" (I15)
2608 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: p. 378: Elizabeth Worden of Peter and Rebekah AND Joseph Petty mentioned probate record Westerly 4A:57, 198. Worden, Elizabeth (I165)
2609 Washington County, R.I. Marriages from Probate Records UofC F87.W3.B41: Rebukah Moon of Ebenezer and Elizabeth AND Mr. Willcox mentioned will dated 1772 Eseter 4:40. Moon, Rebukah (I172)
2610 Weis: The Abbe Chaune makes her faher, Leutwinus, d. 713 (St. Lievin, Bishop of Treves, 685-704), but cites no evidence. Leutwinus's father was Count Warinus of uncertain parentage, d. 677 (bro. of St. Leger, d. 677, Bishop of Autun); Warinus m. Kunza, sister of Bazin, Bishop of Treves.

NEHGR v. 101, p. 112 carries this line back to the Romans. 
Rotroud (I3068)
2611 Welsh chieftan in Tegeingl. Edwin, Owain ab (I4934)
2612 West Winter says the parentage of Adelaide is "hotly disputed," see Wunder, Wilhelm der Eroberer & seine Verwandten in der Sicht de kontinentalen Dynastengenealogie (Genealogisches Jahrbuch, VI (1967), 24-5). Normandy, Adelaide of (I3031)
2613 Where page numbers are given in a reference, this is page number of transcription at 
Source (S187)
2614 Whitaker's Craven, p. 30: Hopkinson's MS v. 40, a survey dated 29 Ed. 1 shows Roger Tempest married to the heiress of Walter de Waddington.

Eleanor Blanche Tempest: holdings and relationship to Roger Tempest: De Banco R. 88, Mich 18-19 E I m. 163d, ibid ro. 127 Mich. 26 E I, m. 89d & ro. 126 Trin. 26 E I m. 93; death Pipe R. 32 E. I. 
Waddington, Alice de (I2078)
2615 Whitaker: Appears to have been unmarried. Sherburne, Joanna (I1857)
2616 Whitaker: Co-heiress. Vic. H. of Lanc., v. 7, p. 4: became sole heiress. Sherburne, Margaret (I1837)
2617 Widow of Josiah Bacon, d. 1/27/1731? (From Bradford VR.) Mary (I966)
2618 Widow of Richard III, Duke of Normandy. France, Adele de (I5051)
2619 Wife of Fernando shown in Wikipedia as Elizabeth. Swabia, Beatriz of (I4519)
2620 Will dated 1649, probatd 1654. Tempest, Catherine (I6635)
2621 Will dated 23 Jan. 1753, was proved in Essex County 31 Jan. 1763 (Essex Co. Probate Records 340:203). Wood, Edward (I254)
2622 Will in 1649. Tempest, William (I6072)
2623 Will in EIHC, V. 43, p. 73 Lewis, John (I1026)
2624 Will in Hazen Family in America. Hassand, Richard (I1269)
2625 Will probated 19 Jan. 1552-3, York P.C. Names children John, Elizabeth, Margaret, Grace. Tempest, Richard (I5768)
2626 Will recorded in Taunton Probate, book 3, page 387, made 9 Nov. 1715, proved 20 Mar. 1717.

Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, Austin, p. 110:
John Irish, daughter Elizabeth b. Feb. 1674,
John(2) (John (1)) b. 1645 d. 1717 Feb 21
m. (1) 1672 Elizabeth d. 1707 Mar 8
m. (2) 1708 May Priscilla Talbot [Saml, widow of] d. June 11, 1722
of Edward and Mary (Pabodie) Southworth, Duxbury, MA & Little Compton, RI; residence in Somersetshire, Eng. Will proved 1718 Mar 20.

Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth, William T. Davis (Boston: A. Williams & co., 1883), Part 2, Genealogical Register, p. 158, lists some Irish: John, Duxbury, Bridgewater and Little Compton, by wife Elizabeth had John and Elias. John, son of above, by wife Elizabeth had David; Elizabeth, 1674; Jonathon, 1678; Joanna, 1681; Sarah, 1684; Priscilla, 1686; Jedediah, 1688; Content, 1691; Mary, 1695; John, 1699. He m. 2nd 1708, Deborah, d. of Richard Church. John, perhaps Little Compton, son of above, had Edward, 1721; and John, 1722. Elias, Taunton, son of first John, m. 1674 Dorothy, d. of William Witherell. 
Irish, John (I3003)
2627 William Dacre was John Harrington's guardian and the arms of Dacre appear on the tomb of John and his wife, Joan, in Cartmel church. See Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society, v. 85, p. 115 and new series v. 25, p. 373 and the Coucher Book of Furness Abbey, Chetham Society, new series v. 11, pp. 475-478.

See Lanc. Inq., Ext., etc. RSL&C v. 48 for I.P.M. of Ranulf de Dacre 1 Sept. 1286, died 3 May 1286, wife Joan and son William who was 20 years old on 12 March 1286. Held lands in Cumberland of Alice de Lacy, mother of Joan. 
Dacre, William (I4702)
2628 William Taillefer. Angouleme, Count William II of (I9089)
2629 Wills registered at York, 1300-- Source (S165)
2630 Wisconsin Civil War records: Dewitt C. Wood, 25th Inf., Co. B, Residence Orion, Date Aug. 7, '62, M.O. June 7, '65.

A letter from Dewitt to his parents during the Civil War while he was in the army appears to refer to the 25th. "Orion" could mean "Oregon." A letter from his grandmother, Rebecca Werden, in February 1862 from Sextonville, Wisconsin indicates that Dewitt was "here." Dewitt was not in the family's 1860 census record in Minnesota.

The letter:
Columbus Kentucky June the 8 1863
Der father and mother I set down to let you know that I am wel and hope that this wil find you al the Same at home. I am at Columbus yet but the rigement has left and trat(?) ___ point 10 miles from vixBurg. I guss that the ___ ____ ___ too(?) think(?) that(?) ___ ___ to(?) file(?). By this time I am in the hospital and shal stay til the hospital is moved down the river to the rigement and then I exspect that I shal Bee detaled for the hospital if iam it wil Bee A permant detale for ishal not stay with it al the time. the doctors al want me in the hospital for ihave ben in it lots and had the hull controle of one of the hospitals at madison and thay was wel pleased with mee. Abnerate(?) the hed doctor Gave mee tenn dolars and .50 cents for what idon idont car about going in the hospital for in listed to carry the musket and i feel as tho that was my plase altho I can doo as much good in the hospital as ican in the feld. Thar has Been one of our men died sence the regement left and one more that is very loo his wife is here and takes good car of him but She cant have life atal. There is lot of the men sick But lot of them make themselves sick and thay ar sure to bee sick ever time thay git their pay I must tel you that the third menesota and our regement is in one Brigade and the third was here last nite on their way for our rigement and al of the Boys are glad too think that the 25 and them are together and so am I. The 3 got pade her last nite and iseen al of ther Boys that I ____ But Edwin Pleast(?) and he has sneek out ihope that the rebels wil git him and keep him til this war is over and send him home so you can see how a diserter looks. ____ ____ is well and fit itel you my der father and mother this war has ben the making of him he is a god solger and his captin likes him the Best ____ and he knose more than al of the rest of his folks and he is so glad to think that he is in our brigade he almost cride when he seen me and so did the megowns(?) thay ar al rite and in god health(?) and so is the other first(?) Boy and he feels bad to think of Ed(?) but he cant help it. I shook hands with them al last nite and the last words was from them God Bles you dewitt I hope that we shal fite side By side In(?) this glores caus and ihope so too ican say and tel the truth that the 3 is Bulle(?) if afite(?) thay Brot a rebel cornal in with them last nite that they ____ them Selves and one major and sum privets and left them her in gale. I seen al of them but the privates and them I did not see. thare is one Iowa rigement in our Brigade but icant tel the number of the rigement But I think it is the 40. we have got the Best Brigade that can be cart(?) up(?) thare is no nuse from Vix Burg at present But our men ____ taken it by regler(?) sizes(?) and ar gitting along rite wel I think that when our men git vixburg that wil tel the story with the South the day is ded with them then no more at present rite soon and tel al of the nuse direct al of your leters as you have don and al is rite this from der [could be "dewitt"] to father and mother excuse the poor riting for I have rote this leter in 12(?) minets By the watch ____
your der solger Boy
[Along the side of the letter: "Pray for me der frends"]

According to his mother's obituary, Oregon (WI) Observer, January 30, 1908, Dewitt had died by that time. 
Wood, Dewitt Clinton (I415)
2631 With Alan de Rixton and Simon de Bedeford gave pledge to stand trial for the murder of G. de Spondum, 1200 (Rot. de Oblatis 98). Culcheth, Henry de (I11582)
2632 With King Henry V at Harfleur (preceding Crecy and Calais) where he died of dysentary. Boteler, Sir William (I8342)
2633 Without issue. Count of Anjou and Nantes. Plantagenet, Geoffrey (I3375)
2634 Wood Family Index, on which a FHL Ancestral File is apparently based, shows Benjamin (11) son of John (44) & Mary (Palmer) b. 12/8/1755, d. 1830 of Bradford, MA and Lebanon, NH. Am. Rev. War; m. 10/17/1779 Ruth Bayley b. 6/22/1756, d. 1837 dau of Richard and Rachel (Page) Bayley. Ch: Abigail (38), Benj (12), Elizabeth (111),
Asa (4), Sarah (28), Jesse (6), Clarissa (3).

Vital Records of Bradford, MA, Newbery E691091.2:
Wood, Benjamin, s. of John and Mary Dec. 8, 1755

Vital Records of Andover, MA Newberry E69028.2:

Marriages: Wood, Benja[min] and Ruth Bayley of Haverhill at Haverhill Oct. 17, 1779, also in Haverhill VR

Vital Records of Methuen, MA Newberry E69555.5:
Births: Wood, Ruth daughter of Benjamin and Ruth, b. Oct. 7, 1780 (no other Wood)
Marriages: No Benjamin Wood
No Wood deaths.

History of Weare, FHL film 599188 (also in UofC): p. 329, Benjamin Wood listed as a person who paid taxes from 1788-1793, inclusive.

Birth of Asa Wood, son of Benjamin Wood and Ruth Apr. 30, 1790, Weare, NH, recorded in vital records at Concord, NH. NO OTHER CHILDREN OF BEN AND RUTH FOUND THERE.

Historical and Genealogical Researches of Merrimack Valley, Newberry E6955.4: Discussing Ruth Bailey, says Benjamin Wood was "of Andover, MA, resided in Methuen when their daughter Ruth was born, in Weare and Danbury or that vicinity, in NH, but little is known of the family; the children, it is said, were, besides probably Sally, and others, the following, viz. Ruth, b. Oct. 7, 1780, recorded in Methuen; Abigail, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Asa."

FHL film 15151, Grafton Town Records has "Inventories" of taxpayers and "valuations" showing taxes due beginning in 1793.
Volume 1:
There are no Woods in the 1797 lists (p. 128).
Benjamin Wood and Joseph Wood appear in the 1798 lists (pp. 144 and 149).
Benjamin Wood appears in 1799 (p. 168, 176), 1800 (pp. 190, 195).
There is then a jump in the records to 1804 and records are not in chronological order on the film.
Benjamin Wood again appears in 1806 (pp. 662, 670),
1807 (pp. 684, 704),
1808 (p. 716),
1809 (pp. 750, 760).
In 1810 Benjamin Wood and Benjamin Wood Jr. both appear (pp. 782, 790),
1811 both (pp. 810, 817)
1812 both and Asa Wood (pp. 836, 845)
1813 both and Asa Wood (pp. 612, 620)
In 1814 only Benjamin Wood appears (pp. 418, 427).
Vol 2 1818 Benj. Wood inventory and taxes (pp. 106, 114)
1819 Benjamin Wood (pp. 136, 145).

Grafton Town Records, Vol. 1, p. 158 Wood, Benj., Beaumont Rate for 1799: D --| L: 16 | M: 1.
p. 104: Town meeting, March 10, 1800: "voted that John Hoyt and Benj Wood have liberty to pay their school tax for the year 1799 & the year 1800 in Springfield."
p. 216: March 14, 1803: Voted to "Anax Aaron Biarney, Robert Ford, Christopher Smith, Benjamin Wood, James Reddell, Jason Walker, John Kinsman, Silas Havens to the District on Capt. Barnsy's Hill."
p. 261: August 25, 1806: School District #5 includes Benjamin Wood.

Gravestone in West Lebanon, has inscription:
"Benjamin, son of John and Mary Parker [should be Palmer] Wood of Bradford, Mass. 1755-1830. Ruth his wife dau of Richard and Rachel Page Bailey of Bradford 1760-1836. Their children Ruth, Abigail, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Asa, Sarah, Jesse, Clarissa"

Wood-Wiggin genealogy has picture of Asa Wood's gravestone at West Lebanon, with inscription:
Asa Wood 1790-1875, his wife Elizabeth Wiggin 1789-1875 Children listed.

Genealogical Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, Vol III, National Hist. Pub. Co., Waynesboro, TN, 1992, Newberry oE255.W55 (open shelf), p. 3925:
Wood, Benjamin, MA line, Ruth, R11802, sol m Ruth daughter of Richard & Rachel Bailey on 17 Oct 1779 at Haverhill in Essex Co MA & the said Ruth was b 17 Oct 1779 [?], a daughter Elizabeth Dean appl 19 Nov 1852 in Grafton Co NH for herself & other surviving children & she stated her father d 15 Mar 1830 leaving her mother Ruth a widow who d 15 Feb 1838 leaving children; Abigail T. Kinsman, Elizabeth Dean, Asa & Jesse Wood & Clarissa Green.

DAR Patriot Index, 1990, Part 3, p. 3275: Wood, Benjamin, b. 12- - 1755, MA d. 1830, m. Ruth Bailey Pvt MA.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, 1908. Newberry oE263.M4M4 1896 (open shelf), Vol 17, p. 719:
Wood, Benjamin, Andover. Private, Capt. Joshua Holt's (4th Andover) co.; which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 to Cambridge; service 1 1/2 days; reported returned home; also order on Mr. Jeffries, Paymaster to the Colony troops, payable to Capt. Samuel King, dated Camp at Hull, Aug. 30, 1776, signed by said Wood and others belonging to Capt. King's co. for advance pay for 1 month, etc.; also Private, Capt. King's co., Col. Joseph Whitney's regt.; service from Nov. 1, 1776 to Dec. 1, 1776, 1 mo. 3 days, travel (57 miles) included; also Capt. Samuel Johnson's co., Col. Johnson's regt.; enlisted Aug. 14, 1777; discharged Nov. 30, 1777; service 3 mos. 17 days, with Northern Army. 
Wood, Benjamin (I177)
2635 Wood Family Index: King Philip's War, of Bradford & Littleton, MA Rec.

Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. Vol. 24, p. 61: "He was of 'ye village' (now Boxford) 20 June, 1680, and of Bradford, 13 Feb., 1683-4."

Wood-Wiggin Genealogy:
1. John Wood settled in Bradford, Mass., about the time of his marriage (1680). In 1726 he removed from Bradford to Littleton, Mass. About the same time his son John Wood of Boxford, Mass. Settled in the same town and his sons, Richard and Josiah appeared there as witnesses to a deed given by John Wood Sr., to Joseph Wood, carpenter, both of Littleton-160 acres with buildings in Littleton (Middlesex County, Mass. Land Record Book, Vol 30, page 169). This man [?] John Wood of Bradford bought May 11, 1726 (ditto page 168), which proves that John Wood of Bradford was John Wood Sr. of Littleton.
Of the sons of John Wood, five emigrated to Norwich, Conn. and settled on "Portipaug Hill" (now Franklin) near the Shetucket River. These five were Thomas, Joseph, Ebenezer, Richard, and Josiah.

The Hazen Family in America, Tracy Elliot Hazen, 1947:
ISABEL(2) HAZEN (Edward(1)), born at Rowley, Mass., 21 July 1662. died after 1726; married at Rowley, 16 Jan. 1680/1, JOHN WOOD, born at Rowley, 2 Nov. 1656, died (probably at Littleton, Mass.), after 7 March 1728/9, son of Thomas and Ann ( ---)Wood.
John and Isabel Wood settled soon in Bradford, Mass., and lived there for many years. On 22 Aug. 1726, they sold their land there to Robert Savory, and followed their eldest son to Littleton, Mass., where John Wood had bought a farm, 11 May 1726. This farm of 160 acres with buildings thereon, John Wood, Sr., deeded 7 March 1728/9 to Joseph Wood, carpenter, both of Littleton. Richard and Josiah Wood witnessed this deed.
In Mr. George B. Blodgette's Early Settlers of Rowley [Essex Institute Hist. Coll., 24: 61], it is stated that John Wood was of Rowley Village (Boxford), 20 June 1680, but this is based on the baptism on that date of "Goodman Wood of ye Village, son John"; however, Daniel Wood has settled in Boxford about 1675, and had a son John born 25 March 1680, to whom this baptismal record doubtless applies.
During King Philip's War, John Wood served at Marlborough as a Private under Capt. Samuel Brocklebank of Rowley, his name appearing on payrolls dated 24 March 1675/6 and 24 June 1676; also, 24 Aug. 1676 his wages (£3.15.08) were assigned to the town of Rowley. His name appears on the list of proprietors of Narragansett Township No. 6, now Templeton, Mass., granted 12 Feb. 1733 to veterans living in Littleton and neighboring towns. [Bodge, Soldiers in King Philip's War, pp. 207,271,435.]

Delorey, p. 116:

John Wood, then of Rowley, served from that town as a private in King Philip's War, and he may be the John Wood granted land in Narragansett Township No. 6 (now Templeton, Worcester County) by 12 February 1733/4 (Bodge, pp. 20, 271, 435). However, there is no record of his selling the land or rights, nor of the administration of any estate in Worcester or Middlesex Counties. It is known that John Wood received land in Bradford in the will of his father Thomas Wood in 1687 (Suffolk Co. Probate Records 10:168) and lived in Bradford for forty years. In a series of conveyances, some with and others without the participation of his wife, John Wood sold or gave several tracts of land in Bradford to his son Edward Wood, the first dated 9 June 1716 (Essex Co. Deeds 77:83, ackn. 16 Oct. 1716, rec. 12 Sept. 1738) and the last dated 26 May 1726 (Essex Co. Deeds 77:82, ackn. 28 Sept. 1726, further ackn. By a witness 26 Dec. 1738, rec. 12 Sept. 1738/9 (margin)). 160 acres in Littleton that he had bought from Jonathan Prescott of Concord on 19 May 1726 (Middlesex Co. Deeds 30:168, ackn. 3 Jan. 1726/, rec. 19 Feb. 129/30) was sold by him, without the participation of his wife, to his son Joseph wood of Littleton for £500 (Middelsex Co. Deeds 30:169, dated 7 March 128/9, ackn. 4 July 129, rec. 19 Feb. 1729/30). All deeds were signed by mark by John or Isabel. There is no record of the death of either spouse in Littleton.
Blodgette (p. 412) assigned to this family a son John born 20 June 1680 (prior to the marriage) but it seems clear that this child was the son of Daniel Wood of Boxford, as is stated in the best published account of the family of John and Isabel (Hazen) Wood (Hazen Family in America). 
Wood, John (I248)
2636 Wood Family Index: of Portsmouth, NH & Aurora, Nebr. 1902 (L. Bk 114); grad Dartmouth 1844; minister, teacher [data on marriage and children]

DAR book 115, p. 165, shows Harvey and Ann, with child Ann Eliza. 
Wood, Harvey (I702)
2637 Wood-Wiggan Genealogies: Onesiphorus Marsh in 1690 had a garrison and house of refuge for the people attacked by Indians in Haverhill. He was son of John [?] Marsh, and a brother of Mary (Marsh) George who married John Page. Marsh, Onesephorus (I868)
2638 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy says born in 1635. m. April 7, 1654 Ann Todd or Hunt. wife born in 1637, died Dec 29. 1714. Evidence is on side of Ann Todd.

According to the Wood-Wiggin Genealogy there is some doubt as to whether wife was Ann Todd or Ann Hunt. However, see Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol 21, p. 100. Will of John Todd mentions "bro. hunt." See this will and that of Mary Grant, supposed to be sister of wife of Thomas Wood.

Delorey says that Ann was neither a Todd nor Hunt.

Savage, V 4, p. 629: Thomas [Wood], Rowley 1655, by w Ann had John, b. 1656; Thomas, 1658; Josiah, 1664; Samuel, 1666; Solomon, 1670; Ebenezer, 1671; James, 1674; and four ds. of wh. one m. the third Joseph Jewitt, and next John Lunt.

Essex Institute Hist. Collections, Vol. 40, Essex County Estates, Administered in Suffolk County, Prior to 1701. Abstracts from the papers on file and recorded in Suffolk County Registry of Probate. p. 216:
THOMAS WOOD, of Rowley. Will dated July 21,1687, probated November 23, 1687. Mentions his wife Ann, and children John, Josiah, Samuel, Thomas, Solomon, Ebenezer, James, Mary Chute, Ann Plummer and Ruth Jewett. Names of various carpenter tools given. Certain land is given to one of the sons on condition that he pay £20, "thre pounds five shillings he is to pay in molosoes, at twelve pence a gallon unto Jethro Wheler when it is dewe to him and six pounds fifteene shillings he is to pay unto Mr. John Wainright of Ipswitch in good marchants pay sometime within one year after my decease." --Docket, No.1607

Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. Vol 24, p. 47, discussing John Todd's wife, Susannah: "She is mentioned as 'sister' in the will of Mary, wife of John Grant. Ann, wife of Thomas Wood, is also mentioned as 'sister.' They are both mentioned as being about 60 years old in 1697 (see affidavit on file with will of Mary Grant in Essex Probate)." See also E.I. H.C. vol. 21, p. 100, Mary's will dated 2 Feb. 1697-8, she died 16 Feb. 1697-8.
Vol. 24, p. 60: "He was about 40 years old 1675, and called John Todd "brother" (C.C., Vol. 23:27-8-9)."

The nine volumes of the Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts (UofC F72.E7E72) covering 1636-1686 have many mentions of Thomas Wood. Vol 2, p. 347, Mar 25, 1662: Obadiah Wood of Ipswich and Thomas Wood of Rowley were made free. There are several complaints against him for trespess and for cutting down trees without permission, these actions were "nonsuited" or found in favor of the defendent. His wife is mentioned once (Vol 3, p. 70), as a witness to an offense by another woman of wearing a silk scarf (the action was discharged).
Vol. 5, p. 303. May 1674, in an action against John Watson for suspected theft: "Thomas Wood, aged forty-one years, deposed that 'sometime last summer I being at worke at merchant Wainwright's house there came John Watson of Rowly to by wine & Tobacco . . . '" This suggests that for a time Thomas was a clerk or other worker in a store.
In later years Thomas Wood was on Jury of Trials (Vol 6, Mar 1678, Vol. 8, Sept 1682, Vol 9, Sept 1683) and on Grand Juries (Vol 9, Sept 1684, Mar 1685, Sept 1685, Mar 1686). In regard to the last of these grand jury services, he is identified as Thomas Wood, Sr. (Vol 9, p. 613).

See The American Genealogist, v. 21, p. 123 (1944-5) for claims that Ann was daughter of William Hunt of Concord. 
Wood, Thomas (I238)
2639 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy, fiche 2, p. 30:
Thomas was a watchman in Boston, and his name appears in the court records, Sept. 3, 1638. He removed to Rowley, and was made a freeman, Jan. 30, 1647 (Quarterly Court Records and Files, Vol 1, p. 111). He deposed n 1672, as about 58 years old (Essex County Court Files).
[gives 1st wife, and 2nd wife, citing Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., Vol 20, p. 215]
Thomas conveyed to his only son Thomas "The moiety or halfe part of all his housings, buildings, Orchard, upland ground, tillage land and pasture, marsh or meadow ground, enclosed wilderness Lands lying Scituate, and being in the confines of Rowley", together with half of all his "quick stock or living creatures"; Thomas Jr. to maintain his parents during their lives, and to pay to his sisters Sarah Spofford and Mary, 20 pounds each, and his niece (parents' granddaughter) Hannah Higgins, 5 pounds. This document was dated Dec. 20, 1690 (Essex Deeds, Vol 2, p. 49).

Burkby, Thomas (I548)
2640 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy, fiche 2, p. 30: probably married Higgins, as Thomas had a granddaughter Hannah Higgins. Burpee, Hannah (I553)
2641 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy:
Administration of estate of Bnjamin Jr. of Haverhill, Apr. 13, 1724. 
Page, Benjamin (I229)
2642 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy:
bapt. July 29, 1694. a Martha Palmer m. Apr 29, 1730 (Bd) Joseph Worster. 
Downer, Martha (I699)
2643 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy:
Benjamin Page was in Col. Gerrish's Company against Cape Breton.

Hoyt: Oath al. 1677. 
Page, Benjamin (I477)
2644 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy:
The name Downer is Anglo-Saxon, and originated in the fact that those to whom it was first given had their home in the "Down" in the south of England. The family is an ancient one in England, and were large landholders. They bore arms with the motto "A Cruce Salus". The progenitors of the Downers in America lived near the city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Robert Downer married Hannah Vincent. The family tradition is that Hannah Vincent made her escape from Paris with her brother, a Protestant preacher, at the time of the Huguenot persecutions in France, and fled to England, where she soon married Robert Downer and they had two sons, Robert and Joseph.

Hoyt, p. 138: Robert Downer of Newbury, bought land in Salisbury in 1661, and was living in S. in 1664 and later. He was prob. a different person from (7) Robert, and d. before the latter became of age. David R. Downer of East Orange, N.J. states that Robert Downer came from near Salis., Eng., that he married Hannah Vincent, a French Hugenot, and has two sons, Joseph and Robert.

Great Migration, 1634-5, Vol. 2, p. 108 on John Clough: on 6 Dec 1664 Robert Downer of Salisbury, house carpenter, sold land to John Clough. 
Downer, Robert (I801)
2645 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy: Admitted to the Bradford Church Nov. 4, 1694. Tenney, Mercy (I109)
2646 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy: dismissed from the Rowley church June 13, 1698 and received by the Bradford church Aug. 21, 1698. Smith, Martha (I760)
2647 Wood-Wiggin Genealogy: John and his wife Mary were the original members of the Bradford church, as recorded in 1682. He was John Sen. after 1695, died Feb. 4, 1714/5 (Bd), will Feb. 1, Feb. 17, 1714/5, wife Martha mentioned. A Martha Hardy died in 1716 (Rw).

See Ordway Ancestry for discussion and will, also grandchildren. 
Hardy, John (I703)
2648 Worden-Ross website:
MWS quotes notes from a 17th century abstract of Worthington of Blainscough deeds taken from "Victoria History of the County of Lancaster," Vol 6, p227, Pub 1911: "Thomas de Worthington married a daughter of Thomas de Coppull."

I (J.S.) do not find the above on this page. The Worthingtons and Coppulls lived close together, so it is likely there was some marriage between them, but this one is not demonstrated.

Philip M. Worthington in Worthington Families of Medieval England, p. 120 cites what appears to be the above abstract, from the Abstract of Blainscough Deeds. On p. 121, he gives her first name, which appears in another deed. 
Marjory (I116)
2649 Worden-Ross website:
Will mentions all of children. May have had another wife first by which 3-4 children were born. RESOURCE: Rex & Pat Warden

From Ancestry, U.K. Probate Records, Calendar of Wills, Court of the Archdeacon of Taunton: Richard Hull, d. 1559, Crokehorne, Somerset.

LDS files indicate father as William Hull, born 1515, Crewkerne, died 10 Feb 1558 Crewkerne, Somerset.

William Hull of Crewkerne not found in Ancestry.
Died: 10 FEB 1558/59 at: Somerset, England (wife died 1587)

d. abt Jun 1559, Crewkerne, Somerset, England (wife d. Oct 1587, Crewkerne, Somerset, England)

Will of Richard Hull

The following is an abstract of the will of Alice Hull (sic). The original document was destroyed by fire at the Exeter probate registry.

Archdeaconry of Taunton, book 3, folio 38.

Richard Hull of Crokehorne, husbandman, dated 10 February 1558/59

To be buried in churchyard of Crokehorne.
To the mother church of Wells, 4d.
To my parish church a wether [sheep].
To Sir William Hull my son a fether bed and many household goods
To Thomas Hull my son the elder a furnes pan and 2 witches.
To Raynold Hull my son a hand mill with such timber as is in my
To my three sons James Hull, Thomas Hull, and John Hull 2 silver spoon
To my wife Alice Hull and to my daughter Elynor Hull a silver spoon
To my wife Alice Hull 4 oxe, my weave my sole my dragge, my ithe my
iron ropes.
Residue to my wife Alice and Elnor Hull my daughter executrixes.
To Sir William Sherewell my ghostly father 8d.
Overseers William Metford and Thomas Price.
I do owe to Sir William Hull my son 15s. 8d. and Alice Hawkins 6s. 8d.

Proved 6 June 1559. 
Hull, Richard (I160)
2650 Wordens Past, VII#4, Bolton: gives descendants. In Preston Guild Rolls for 1582, 1602, 1622, of Clayton. Worden, William (I473)

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