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201 Alleged daughter. Beaumont, Eleanor de (I7259)
202 Alleged in many sources (e.g., Whitaker, History of Craven and Foster, Yorkshire Pedigrees) to be the daughter of John Tempest and Alice Sherburne. This appears to be wrong. She does not appear in that John's will (Test. Ebor. v. 2, p. 260). She was clearly a Tempest (see husband's notes for shield on tomb). The ancestry shown here is that found in Eleanor Blanche Tempest's Tempest Pedigrees and is found in many other sources, sources which may depend on Mrs. Tempest.

Mrs. Tempest says (Bracewell Sheet III):
"By deed at Clapham co York 4 June 3 Hen vi (1425) Sir Ric: Tempest enfeoffed Roger Tempest, his son, Richard son of Laurence Hamerton & Robt Proctour of Austwick of all the land etc. lying in Clapham, Austwyke, Laukelands & Qwerfe, Overbentham, Netherbentham & Burton in Lonsdale (except the half part of Qwykfordskale) which the said Sir Richard had of the feoffment of John, son of Robt Dowebyggynge of Wakefield (Assize Ro No 542; [could be 1542] 6-16 Hen 6. m. 9.)"
I have not checked this source, but if true, if gives substantial weight to the theory that Isabel Tempest was the daughter of Richard, since Richard gave lands to Richard Hamerton, the son of Isabel and her husband Laurence Hamerton. In addition, Richard Tempest and Laurence Hamerton often witnessed deeds together, some of which are noted in Mrs. Tempest's MSS. 
Tempest, Isabel (I2002)
203 Alleged to be daughter of Thomas de Ros. Ros, Roesia de (I8489)
204 Alleged to have been married to Judith Tewksbury. Marriage not found in Essex town VRs. Wood, Jesse (I429)
205 Alleged to have come in the Conquest. Given Prestatyn in Wales which was conquered by the Welsh so his son moved to Lancashire. Banastre, Robert (I8518)
206 Alleged to have died at age 107. Billung, Oda (I4083)
207 Also AFN 1VXL-798, b. Nov 29, 1657, d. Apr 12, 1735, Norwich, New London, CN

Rowley VR Marriages:
Thomas (Hazen), and Mary Howiet, Jan 1, 1683*

Story and children in Hazen Family in America. 
Hazen, Thomas (I290)
208 Also AFN 1X19-4T5. Gamelbar website says died 1 March 1660 at Ipswich, which is the date shown by Hodge. Death not in Ipswich VR. Another source shows died 1 Mar 1676, Ipswich, buried 17 Aug 1676, which combination of dates does not seem likely. Scott, Ursula (I614)
209 Also AFN 1ZZM-CGF. Scott, Mary (I619)
210 Also AFN 22F0-WWR with birth Jul 20, 1734, Bradford.

Bradford VR marriages:
Palmer, James, and Mary Hopkenson, Mar 15, 1764. 
Palmer, James (I204)
211 Also AFN 2352-CW.

Rowley Births Birtby)
Mary (Birkby), bp. Oct 24, 1675, C.R. 1

Rowley VR Marriages:
Burkbee, Mary and Sam[ue]ll Dresser, May 13, 1700. 
Burpee, Mary (I556)
212 Also AFN 23P1-R2X with different birth date. An Edmund Scott, no parents named, is shown as bapt. in St. Clare, Bradfield Parish Records, on "ultimo die mes maij Ao dni 1562" (Item 2, FHL Film 993225), the same day that an "Edg Scott" is shown as bap. in St. George, Bradfield, also with no parents named. Scott, Edmund Jr. (I617)
213 Also AFN JWQ2-P9-born Dec 15, 1660; 1ZC6-2ZB born Mar 15, 1660. Burkby, Sarah (I508)
214 Also AFN QWQM-ZH, b. Aug 28, 1643, d. 1:11m:1643. Smith, Sarah (I781)
215 Also Aline, Ada. Alice (I3543)
216 Also called Mabel and Sybil. FitzHaimon, Maud (I3707)
217 Also called Roger Gernet of Halton. c. 1050. Gernet, Ralph de (I4752)
218 Also Ceoche or La Coche. Jure uxoris Duke of Brittany. Zouche, Alan (I4685)
219 Also in Newberry Library Source (S216)
220 Also known as "Maud." Scotland, Matilda of (I1917)
221 Also known as Adela. Aelis (I3053)
222 Also known as Godgifu. Godiva (I5008)
223 Also known as Grace. Hebden, Grace (I2060)
224 Also known as Henry I. Navarre, Henry III of (I5506)
225 Also known as Hugh Magnus de Crepi. Duke of France and Burgundy, Marquis of Orleans, Count of Armiens, Chaumont, Paris, Valois, and Vermandois, a leader of the 1st Crusade. Vermandois, Duke Hugh of (I3034)
226 Also known as Margaret. Geneve, Margaret de (I7867)
227 Also known as Maud. Matilda (I1949)
228 Also known as Susanna. Ivrea, Rosela of (I5057)
229 Also LDS film 476217, Item 1. Source (S129)
230 Also LDS films 924245, 924245 Items 1-2. Source (S33)
231 Also Michael de Furness. Flemyng, Sir Michael de (I3540)
232 Also shown as Alice de Newburgh. Beaumont, Alice de (I5151)
233 Also University of Chicago Library, microfilm, W390962 Source (S110)
234 Altschul, Baronial Family in Medieval England shows her as d. of Roger and Maud de St. Hilary. Clare, Mabel de (I4858)
235 Amlaib mac Sitric. Dublin, Olaf of (I4985)
236 An LDS file shows John b. 1637 and Jonathan b. 1656 as sons. These individuals, along with Samuel are not in Rowley or Bradford births.

Essex. Inst. Hist. Coll. Vol. 23, p. 305: freeman, 18-3m, 1642, had an acre and a half house lot on Bradford St. 1643. Brought with him wife Mary. Overseer 1649 and 1654, selectman 1651. Will dated 19-9m-1655, proved 25-1m-1656, mentions wife Mary, youngest son unnamed, and "my eldest son Samuel Smith" [Essex Probate, on file]. Widow Mary married 2nd 2 Dec 1657 Jeremiah Ellsworth. See Records and Files of Quarterly Courts of Essex Co., Vol 3, p. 411 for will abstract and inventory.

Several websites in worldconnect.rootsweb as well as a number of files in the LDS database show this Hugh Smith as a son of Hugh Smith who was a son of Hugh Smith and Elizabeth Gorge, of Ashton Court, Somersetshire, England. This ancestry appears to be incorrect. English visitations and pedigrees showing children of Hugh and Elizabeth (Gorge) Smith do not show Hugh as a child. 
Smith, Hugh (I772)
237 Ancestor of the sept of Ui Chennselaig. Probably lived mid-fifth C. Ennae Chennselach (I11290)
238 Ancestor of the sept of Ui Dunlainge, the kings of Laigin (Leinster) from the 7th C to the early 11th C. Dunlaing (I11268)
239 Ancestor of the sept of Ui Toirrdelbaig. Toirrdelbach (I11213)
240 Ancestor of the Tempests of Broughton. See their Pedigrees. Tempest, William (I3221)
241 Ancestors in Genealogics. Dinan, Hawise de (I8708)
242 Ancestors in Wikipedia. Limburg, Duke Henry II of (I9362)
243 Ancestors shown on chart in History of Whalley, v. 2, p. 274. Family also in History of Clayton. Grimshaw, Adam de (I2162)
244 Ancestors to Charlemagne in Brandenburg. Navarre, Berengere of (I3383)
245 Ancestral Roots says she was daughter of Joan of England, but Plantagenet Ancestry says she was daughter of an unnamed mistress of Llewelyn. Wales, Margaret of (I3660)
246 Ancestry back to King Henry II given in Richardson's Plantagenet Ancestry, pp. 290-291. Stanley, William (I6899)
247 Ancestry from Obama, Dreams from my Father. Obama, Barack Hussein (I5688)
248 Ancestry in Genealogics. Stuteville, Joan de (I7773)
249 Ancestry in Stonyhurst College Centenary Record. Weld, William (I4453)
250 Ancestry is questionable, according to Henry Project. Maine, Paula of (I5158)

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