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101 3rd Earl of Lancaster. Lancaster, Earl Henry of (I3335)
102 3rd Earl of Leicester, Steward of England and Normandy. Beaumont, Sir Robert III de (I4046)
103 3rd Earl of Norfolk. Bigod, Earl Hugh le (I3432)
104 3rd Earl of Northumberland. Percy, Sir Henry (I7086)
105 3rd Earl of Oxford. Magna Carta Surety. Vere, Earl Robert de (I4120)
106 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury. Talbot, Earl John (I7935)
107 3rd Lord Clifford. Clifford, Robert (I4717)
108 3rd Lord Mowbray. Imprisoned in the Tower with his mother on 26 Feb. 1321/2. Inheritance restored by Edward III. Mowbray, Sir John de (I3333)
109 4th Duke of Norfolk. Howard, Duke Thomas (I7187)
110 4th earl of Chester. Earl Ranulf II (I4181)
111 4th Earl of Dunbar. Dunbar, Earl Waldeve of (I7839)
112 4th Earl of Ormond. Butler, Earl James (I8105)
113 4th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl Hugh de (I4118)
114 4th Earl of Pembroke. Marshal of England, Protector, Regent of the Kingdom 1216-19. Marshal, Earl William (I3651)
115 4th Earl of Shrewsbury. Talbot, Earl George (I7931)
116 4th Earl of Warwick. Beaumont, Earl Waleran de (I5147)
117 4th Lord Clifford. Clifford, Robert (I7745)
118 4th Lord Mowbray. Slain at Saracens. Mowbray, Lord John (I3338)
119 4th Lord of Bramber. Given Ostermouth K. John in 1203. Braose, William de (I3522)
120 4th lord Widdrington. Widdrington, Lord William (I6832)
121 5th Earl of Devon. Courtenay, Earl Thomas (I7739)
122 5th Earl of Dunbar. Dunbar, Earl Patrick (I7807)
123 5th Earl of Norfolk. Magna Carta Surety. Bigod, Earl Hugh (I3900)
124 5th Earl of Northumberland. Percy, Sir Henry Algernon (I7091)
125 5th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl Robert de (I4115)
126 5th Earl of Salisbury. Neville, Earl Richard (I6992)
127 5th Lord Clifford. Clifford, Roger (I4715)
128 6th Earl of Derby. Ferrers, Earl Robert de (I9897)
129 6th Earl of Dunbar. Dunbar, Patrick (I7803)
130 6th Earl of Surrey. Warenne, Earl William de (I3901)
131 6th Lord of Gilsland. Dacre, Thomas (I6999)
132 7th Earl of Hereford. Bohun, Earl Humphrey de (I4514)
133 7th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl John de (I3484)
134 7th Earl of Surrey. Warenne, Earl John de (I4564)
135 7th Earl of Surrey. Warenne, William de (I4387)
136 7th Lord Clifford. Clifford, Lord John (I7000)
137 8th Duke of Norfolk. Duke Thomas (I4462)
138 8th Earl of Arundel. FitzAlan, Earl Richard (I4540)
139 8th Earl of Hereford. Died at Battle of Boroughbridge. Took part in besieging Piers de Gaveston and pardoned for that action. Bohun, Earl Humphrey de (I4517)
140 8th Earl of Oxford. Vere, Earl Thomas de (I10981)
141 8th Lord Clifford. Clifford, Lord Thomas (I2789)
142 8th Lord Stourton. Stourton, Lord Charles (I6616)
143 9 Edw. I. Boteler, Edmund (I2857)
144 9th Earl of Arundel. Adhered to Edward II, captured in Shropshire by Queen Isabel and beheaded. Also known as Edmund fitz Alan. FitzAlan, Earl Edmund (I4248)
145 9th Earl of Oxford. o.s.p. Vere, Earl Robert de (I10984)
146 9th Earl of Warwick. Beauchamp, Earl William de (I4723)
147 9th Lord Clifford. Clifford, Sir John (I5905)
148 A competitor [for the throne of Scotland] in 1291. Ros, William de (I2280)
149 A definitive account of Edward's parentage and descendants is found in Janet Ireland Delorey, The English Origins to the Fourth Generation of Edward Wood of Charleston, Massachusetts, The Genealogist, Vol. 9, No. 1 (Spring 1988).

See also Thomas B. Wyman, The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, 2 vols., Boston, 1879, 2:1044-48 and George B. Blodgette and Amos E. Jewett, Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, Rowley, MA, 1933, 411-17.

Baker, settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts in or prior to 1639 (Delorey).

Pope, p. 510:
Wood, Edward, baker, Charlestown, bought half of a house Nov 1, 1639. [L] Adm. chh. 30 (1) 1640, frm. May 13, 1640. His wife Ruth adm. chh. 24 (3) 1640, d. 29 (6) 1642; ch. Tabitha bapt 30 (3) 1641. Edward Wood "the elder of that name," died 27 (9) 1642. Admin. gr. 4 (10) 1642 [Reg. III, 81.]

Savage, V. 4, p. 625:
Wood, Edward, Charlestown, was adm. to join the ch. 30 Mar 1640, freem. 13 May foll. and his w. Ruth join. in a few days. She perhaps had Ruth, and certain. Tabitha, bapt. 30 May 1641; d. 29 Aug. 1642, and he d. 27 Nov. foll. In Geneal. Reg. III 81, the date of inv. would perhaps appear 4 Dec. aft. Farmer was led to mistake the name of the Springfield Edmund for Edward, and so the think he might be s. of this man.

The Wood and Wiggin Genealogies, 1066A.D.-1910, Bates, Mary Wood, FHL film 6125456, Vol. 2: 599465:
Children: Obediah of Ipswitch, Josiah of Charlestown, Thomas of Rowley, Elizabeth m. Solomon Phipps of Charlestown, and Ruth m. Phineas Upham of Malden. See NEHGR, Vol. 1, p. 43 on Upham family.

Record Book of First Church in Charlestown, MA Newberry fE6918.182, p. 10: Edward Wood admitted 1640:1mo:day: 30; Ruth Wood admitted 1640, 3:mo:day:24. 
Wood, Edward (I247)
150 A Family Record of the Descendents of John Spofford by Jeremiah Spofford, Haverhill: E. G. Frothingham 1869. Newbery E7.S762: shows baptismal date and husband. Spofford, Hannah (I513)

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